Prefabricated building solutions under one roof…

The Ereğli Shipbuilding Industry’s Ereğli Black Sea Facilities increased capacities by chosing Paysa.

Eregli Shipbuilding Company, founder and pioneer in developing our country's shipbuilding industry, chose Paysa Instant Structures to accommodate increasing number of its workers and professionals.

2 Tashkent International Schools were handed over.

Tashkent International School chose Paysa Instant Structures to construct 2 school buildings. Manufacture and assembly of the school was completed in a period of 3 months and handed over Tashkent International School on time.

Mercedes-Benz Bus Factory again chose Paysa to construct fabric covered warehouse.

Mercedes-Benz Bus Factory again chose Paysa to construct required fabric covered warehouse.

Building of the Sheker Sport Football Club constructed by Paysa Prefabricated Buildings.

Ankara's fundamental football club Sheker Sport Clubhouse’s and Football Player Tavern Buildings manufactured and assembled by using Paysa Modular Prefab Sturctures within a short period of 3 months.

10 schools were handed over to settle earthquake victims.

“The Kimse Yokmyu Association?” ordered 10 new modular stucture schools instead of devastated by earthquake schools at Pakistani city of Muzaffarabad in 8 October 2005. The Prime Minister of Pakistan himself participated in handing over ceremony.