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1 million and 500 thousand Turkish Liras investment in Artvin Shavshat.

Artvin‘s pharmacist Mr.Selahattin Yazar made 1 million and 500 thousand Turkish Liras investment in livestock farming.

Mr. Selahattin Yazar, who serves public as Provincial Council Member and Shavsat’s pharmacist, made a significant investment in order to eliminate the problem caused by unemployment and immigration. Artvin‘s pharmacist Mr.Selahattin Yazar made 1 million and 500 thousand Turkish Liras investment in livestock farming. Mr.Yazar invested heavily in livestock farming on 45 acres of estate at the Bahçecik Tepekoy village which belongs to the Shavsat Province.

In the past, being Savsat people’smain source of livelihood livestock affected reduced economy and came to the end point.

The people of the district affected by unemployment and wilderness migrate and abandoned villages.

Almost everyone in the province share the opinion that the problem of unemployment can be eliminated with investments in the region. On 45 acres of ground, Mr. Yazar built two barns with a capacity of 200 animal each with building footprint of 2 thousand square meters, being at the front of the movement Yazar who is planning to hit the a major blow to the biggest problem unemployment of the Artvin as well as Savsat.

Selahattin Yazar provided related information regarding invested livestock facility that is the largest investment of the Eastern Black Sea region. He said “In the past the economic structure of Artvin depended on the livestock. With the industrialization the Agriculture & Livestock sector’s impact on the overall economy decreased. Confronting with the difficulties and to sustain the lives of extended family structure people abandoned agricultural field of rural areas and migrate to urban areas is intense industrialization of Catalca-Kocaeli took the a core family type. It’s a great responsibility of everyone who claims themselves as Artvinians to rehabilitate Artvin’s population that face difficulties in large cities nowadays.”

By imposing a responsibility of investment to himself, Yazar stated: “Our main goal is to find a solution for immigration due to the unemployment, which is the biggest problem of the province and entire county. We built two Paysa Tensioned Fabric Stucture barns with capacity of 200 animals and with 2000m2 building footprint each within the boundaries the company's 45-acre estate which belongs to of our district Tepekoy. At the moment there are 200 pregnant heifers at both barns. The next step of the investment will be a dairy farm. Supported by investment both farming and livestock will develop in modern way, thus providing solution to unemployment and migration."

According to Yazar, they are not limited to invest merely on livestock. “We would like to direct people toward way that they themselves have done in the past. As soon as the sector revived major current economic and demographic issues will be eliminated accordingly. We are making great effort in expansion of our districts infrastructure. In this context, livestock breeding cattle supply services are available to people. God willing, our district will be suitable in the terms of today's modern livestock and foster to develop our district together with others."

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