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10 post disaster Schools

10 post disaster Schools
Kashmir Prime Minister Serdar Alexander Hayathan attended the opening ceremony of the 10 schools built by Kimse Yokmu Association for donations collected during the charity campaign. In fact, October 8, 2005 as the result of the earthquake many buildings as well as schools were destroyed.

After the disaster, the first humanitarian aid to the region came from “Kimse Yok Mu?” Association by winding up the wounds identified shortages over the issue for 10 schools decided and gave the order for the Paysa, 10 schools. The first batch of Paysa schools delivered for the next 20 days from purchased date and another 10 schools completed within a short time of 50 days.

“Kimse Yok Mu?” Association schools 6 in Kashmir, 4 in Serhad province, 10 after the completion of a short period of time in the school's assembly in Pakistan handed over to the Government.
10 pieces in a short time after the completion of the school assembly was delivered to the Government of Pakistan. These schools are attended by Prime Minister Hayathan in the city of Muzaffarabad in the opening ceremony. In Prime Minister’s Hayathan speech, Kashmir in the much vaunted "Yarimin dili Tükçe, ben Türkçe bilmiyorum" began with verses. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the country's first help Turkey, Turkish cargo plane the plane running first aid material that reminds us of the Hayathan, "Acılarımızı would like to thank the Turkish people wholeheartedly to reduce that." he said.
Hayathan, "I pray to continue until the infinite friendship between Turkey and Pakistan." he said.
After the opening ceremony of the Prime Minister Hayathan checked school classrooms.

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