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Paysa Rapidly Increases its Production

Paysa Rapidly Increases its Production
30 years ago by realizing necessity for prefabricated buildings in Turkey, Paysa for the first time brought concept of the "prefabricated buildings” and revealed in the sector with the big name. Paysa with years of experience continues to build structures in temporary accommodation. By including Containerized and Steel Panelized Modular Buildings into its product range Paysa broke the silence with the 30th International Turkeybuild Fair. We are talking to the Director of Paysa Instant Structures Mr. Atakan Yalcinkaya.

Can we know Paysa?
30 years ago, Paysa's founder Metin Bey, noticed the need for ready mixed concrete in Turkey and some structures for accommodation needs.To meet this needs at one side applied the fiber cement board and other side coated with different coating material.

At the request of the industry, particularly after the 1999 earthquake affected positively the increased steel construction...

Yes, steel structures are preferred especially in the post earthquake period. Because steel buildings are earthquake resistant structures. We live in concrete structures for many years due to economic conditions.

In countries where cheap wood and cement and steel shapes takes a long time to pass

Steel structures most preferable, due to the fact that earthquake is reoccuring. The earthquake has İstanbul due to a market already in the region. So companies want to work on housing companies in İstanbul want to make the permanent housing.

Ankara firms are working in what field?
Less than case an earthquake can be felt in Ankara. For this reason, more Ankara companies are building with temporary housings. Paysa in this context is very successful. Construct buildings of very large capacities and accommodation units both abroad and within the home country.

Your Company is also from Ankara. How did you affected by this positive air of this sector?
A number of firms after an earthquake have been increased by the fact that, for reasons we could not demonstrate growth. But in the last two years Paysa have shown a significant progress. Production increased by 100 percent this year compared to last year. We estimate that about 5 percent of the market share. 15s percent market share in the next 5 years to reach the level envisaged. Because the international market is growing rapidly.

In which countries do you do business abroad?
We are doing business in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Turkic Republics

Which products product portfolio contains?
Fabric covered steel structures, Pre-engineered Steel Buildings, fiber cement board covered residential type Panelized Modular Buildings. In addition to these product came out in military camps used container and steel buildings. We are ambitious in this regard. Because the cost is lower than this.

Eklenme Tarihi: 19.07.2011