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Haberlere Geri Dön

Paysa Instant Structures Moves to the New Manufacturing Facilities

Paysa Prefabricated Buildings, who has manufactured, assembled and handover thousands of structures during it’s almost half a century industrial life, has designed practical and cost-effective buildings. Paysa has always considered designing simple-to-erect buildings at the side without major machinery and with only simple manpower and hand tools.

Particularly in 70’s and 80’s, Paysa has designed the buildings such as prismatic steel building, tent, arched buildings and composite panel modular prefabricated building, lead to development of Turkish prefabricated sector. Many of the building types designed in those years are still called with the name of “Paysa” and this is a justified pride for us.

A closed space of 2000m2 of manufacturing facility in Eryaman, Ankara at the beginning of the production years have become an integrated facility with a closed space of 6000m2 over 10.000m2 of land and being equipped with high technology machineries.

In order to meet developing and changing market demands faster and more efficiently, Paysa has decided to make investment in new manufacturing facilities in 2010. Within the framework of this decision, foundation of the largest production facility of sector was laid and it is located on an area of 60.000m2 in Baskent Organized Industrial Zone in Temelli within the provincial borders of Ankara and has a closed space of 22.800m2.

The opening ceremony of the facility is planned in the middle of 2014.

In its new manufacturing facility, Paysa Prefabricated Buildings will meet developing market needs more efficiently, economically and faster. Paysa Prefabricated Buildings will also have a showroom to display its sample buildings. Paysa will also deploy the newest technology advance machineries into its new facilities in order to increase its production capacity.

In order to find solutions to recently developing Light Gauge Steel Villa Market Paysa Prefabricated Buildings developed a new brand, Nordus Light Gauge Steel Structures, in 2012 and began to produce earthquake-resistant, luxury and affordable villas and houses in Turkey, which is located on a seismic belt. The biggest benefit of Light Gauge Steel Building Technology would be to reduce loss of lives during probable potential earthquakes.

Eklenme Tarihi: 21.04.2014 / Kaynak: Corporate News